Why Natural Remedies Aren’t the Answer to Our Healthcare Crisis

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Natural remedies aren’t the answer to our healthcare crisis.


WTF, Sara? We signed up for your blog updates to learn about natural remedies!

Don’t worry, I’m not having a crisis of faith or turning to the dark side. I just mean, It’s not the remedies. It’s how we use them.

It’s the philosophy that they enable us to see.

It’s how we think about our bodies, how we treat ourselves, how we treat the planet, and how we treat each other.

It’s easy to think that natural medicine is better, because, well, it’s natural. That’s better, right?

Well, that’s not the holistic story. <wink>

I believe that natural medicine can change the world. And as much as I love my B-Vitamins and Chinese Herbs, it’s not because of them. Ok, it’s a little a lot because of them.

What I’m Qi Gong dancing around here, is that there’s a bigger picture and impact that natural medicine has on our world.

In Chinese Medicine, we talk about patterns in nature and how a small pattern, like the ones we hold in our bodies and play out in our daily lives, and large patterns, like the weather or the movement of the stars, mirror each other.

That might seem a little abstract, but it’s simple. So simple that it struck me one day, while listening to a radio commercial for Nature’s Path Cereal.

The commercial went something like: One day Jane started eating Nature’s Path Cereal. She liked it so much, the next week she tried biking to work. After a few weeks of biking with her co-workers, Jane decided it was time to plant a garden. 

Next, I think Jane got herself some backyard heritage chickens. (This chick obviously lives in Portland). Anyway, you get the idea.

Jane found the natural path. And it brought her health, enjoyment, community, and a relationship with the natural world.

This is the essence of natural medicine.

Not cereal. The rest of it.

I believe that natural medicine can change the world, because when you have a profound healing experience by natural intervention, you’ll look at and act in the world differently. It’s not the remedy, it’s what it changes in you. What it awakens in you.

When you realize that you’re not separate from nature, you’ll want to connect to nature and create a natural way of living, a natural mindset, and you’ll build communities, naturally.

I believe that with each person that walks through my door asking for help, I not only have an opportunity to help them evolve out of their suffering, I have an opportunity to educate and help them awaken their natural instincts.

The natural instincts that make us want to take care of ourselves, ride our bikes to work, plant gardens, raise chickens, build communities, become environmental stewards, and live in a way that’s with the earth, not just on it.

That’s the answer to our healthcare/agricultural/environmental crisis. It’s all connected. And as much as I love my B-Vitamins and Chinese Herbs – they’re not the answer.

You are.

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