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Homemade, Whole Food, Paleo Essentials to Keep You and Your Wallet Satisfied

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You’re ready to rock the paleo lifestyle. You’ve located an affordable purveyor of grass fed beef and have spent all morning googling functional fitness and crossfit gyms. Congratulations! You’re really playing full out!

And then – terror.

Oh my god, there’s soy and canola oil and ingredients I can’t pronounce in my mayonnaise! That jar of organic raw almonds (which of course if my favorite kind) costs $18 freaking dollars!

Have no fear, young padawan. I got your back.

Here’s a list of my favorite paleo pantry essentials to keep you and your wallet satisfied.
More updates to follow.

All things Almond

Simply Almond Butter by Allison Nichols
Homemade Almond Milk by Stupid Easy Paleo (with almond flour bonus!)

My Two Favorite Recipes for Homemade Mayo
(Think paleo dipping sauces, dressings, deviled eggs! YUM!)

Whole30 Day 2: Paleo Mayonnaise by Nom Nom Paleo
The Secret to Homemade Mayo? Patience. by Melissa Joulwan

Gut Healing Essentials

Easy Recipe: Mineral-Rich Bone Broth by Diane Sanfilippo
Healing Strawberry Gelatin Protein Smoothie (Dairy and Gluten Free) by Grass Fed Girl
Easy Recipe: Sweet & Sour Gummy Gelatin Snacks by Diane Sanfilippo

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