Dr. Sara DeFrancesco ND, LAc is a radical physician, acupuncturist, health educator, and business consultant dedicated to changing the world through assembling a team of unstoppable thrivers.


As a board certified Naturopathic Doctor, Licensed Acupuncturist, and Chinese Herbalist, she’s trained in both the science of modern medicine (in other words, what your average MD is qualified in) as well as the groundbreaking art of advanced natural medicine.

Dr. DeFrancesco is the founder and lead physician at Thriving Force Natural Medicine in Portland, Oregon where she helps patients reverse and prevent chronic illnesses by resolving the cause instead of treating symptoms alone.


Through her popular podcast Thriving Force Radio, Live Streaming Webinars, and Speaking Events in the Portland area, Dr. DeFrancesco is on a mission to help as many people as possible through community education and connection.

You can find her lecturing on Periscope and hosting Q&A sessions Monday-Saturday.


Dr. DeFrancesco is known as a bold entrepreneur, straight-talking coach, and visionary thinker. She often jokes that she has too many business ideas in her head at a time and needs to pass them on to someone else so she can stay focused.

To help this movement grow and catalyze change as fast as possible Dr. DeFrancesco offers Business & Social Media Consulting for physicians, nutritionists, health coaches, and other entrepreneurs in the wellness industry.


Dr. DeFrancesco is a proud member of The Functional Forum, a group of the world’s most innovative practitioners working together to accelerate the evolution of medicine. The first Monday of every month she hosts the PDX Functional Forum Meetup in Portland, Oregon.

This year Dr. DeFrancesco was named as one of The Top 43 Innovative Practitioners to Follow into 2016 and intends to live up to the honor. So buckle up.


Dr. DeFrancesco is an Oregon transplant, Vermont native, accomplished equestrian, wild mustang and off-the-track-thoroughbred advocate, and real food enthusiast.

Her favorite activities are studying medicine, fitness, self-cultivation, and mindset. On the other side of the coin, she’s read every book in a Song of Ice and Fire and is obsessed with the TV shows Game of Thrones and The Flash – both of which she has been known to talk about for hours to anyone who will listen.

Dr. DeFrancesco lives in Portland, Oregon (which really is like Portlandia) with her sweetie Forest and multi-beast mutt Ruckus.